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I Am My Mother After All

Beach House Blouses

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what has happened! I am becoming just like my mother. My mother loved The Beach House. She often could be found in the kitchen wearing her apron over A Perfect White Blouse. She was always cooking for everyone else. Her favorite go-to was a buttermilk pie. Wow, it was delicious! My Mother, lovingly called MeMama, always loved a Perfect White Blouse, in many colors, to cover her arms with sleeves, cover her behind with a longer blouse, pockets for a kleenex, and a collar was a must!

Our blouses are made with these thoughts in mind. We have a 3/4 length and long sleeves to keep you warm when you are inside an air conditioned room during hot summer days. These sleeves keep the sun from burning you when you’re out running errands during the day, or simply cover up sunspots you received in your younger days. The length is perfect- long enough for leggings, jeans, or elastic waist pants like my mother’s from yesteryear. These blouses take you from daytime wear to night time outings in a seamless way.

Your mother tells you things all your life. You live with her standards and often times think you know more than she does. You allow her likes and dislikes to influence you. Then, all of a sudden – she’s not with you anymore. It’s then that those things surface. You realize you have parts of her legacy living with you. That’s how these came about- I am my mother after all.

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