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Perfect Fit for Everybody

A perfect fit for everybody

When I started Bailey Boys 32 years ago, as a designer, my number one priority was the fit. You can have the most beautiful clothes in the world and if they don’t fit… people won’t buy them. But I soon discovered as I started designing women’s blouses, they were a whole different ballgame! When designing children’s clothes, I was used to working with quarter inch increments… and now I have to work with 1 inch increments. It’s my absolute passion that no matter what size you are, you deserve a blouse that makes you look and feel beautiful… so, in designing XXX Small to XXXX Large there are many things to consider in making them fit right. I’ve done lots of tweaking, hopefully in all the right places, to make sue that you love the blouse that fits you! A PERFECT WHITE BLOUSE ( AND other colors too)!

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