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XXXSmall to XXXXLarge and Everything in Between

xxxSmall to xxxxLarge

Several weeks ago, I had a revelation when a friend came by to see our blouses. She’s very thin and as I began looking for a blouse that would be perfect for her, I realized the smallest size that I had was small! It turns out she probably needed an XXX Small … so I told her I would order some for her. That was in the morning … and then that afternoon, another friend stopped by to see our blouses. She probably needed an XXX Large … well, the largest size I had was a Large … all of a sudden I realized I had a problem!

Originally, we were going to just order small, medium and large sizes because we thought that was the right thing to do … needless to say, we were very wrong … we needed blouses that fit smaller sized people as well as larger size people. At that time, my friend pointed out that it was extremely hard to find anything that was classic and traditional that would fit a larger lady. So, I decided I would order some X Larges, XX Larges, XXX Larges as well as XXXX Larges!! She assured me that we would do well because the blouses on both ends of the spectrum were very hard to find … and we think every girl no matter your size is beautiful and needs A PERFECT WHITE BLOUSE ( AND other colors too)!


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