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Why I Always Wear Two Necklaces

Diane Bailey Necklace

When my oldest granddaughter, Liza was about three, one day she asked me, “Kiki, where did you get that pretty necklace?” I told her it was a diamond necklace and that I’d gotten it from Mr. Tom at the jewelry store. She tilted her head and said, “can it be mine one day?” So, I told her that when she was 18 years old, it could become hers. “Well, you can wear it till then” she said.

Diane with GranddaughtersThen comes granddaughter number two, Kendall. I’d already plotted a plan that I’d get one for her too so she could have it when she was 18. Liza’s is a diamond and Kendall’s is a ruby…I know better than to have something for one and not the other! Sure enough one day Kendall asked about the necklaces. I would wear the diamond one day and the ruby the next. Invariably each granddaughter would question me as to why I didn’t have on her necklace. So…I fixed that! I wear both necklaces all of the time! Problem solved. From time to time, they ask just how much longer until they can have their necklace…we’ve all got some sort of special jewelry but to wear something that reminds me of them every day it’s like they’ve entrusted me to take care of their special jewelry…and for them to smile at me and say…you’ve got on our necklaces Kiki… always does my heart good. It’s almost like our special secret bond.

I hope they will always remember that the necklaces were mine, lovingly worn before being presented to them and that they will wear them, reach up and touch them, smile and remember how much I love both of them!

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