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You Never Know When Kind Words are Going to Make a Lasting Impression

Ruffled V Neck Tunic Top by Diane Bailey Designs

One day, during this Coronavirus epidemic, I was in the grocery store when I saw a girl that I recognized. She nodded and I smiled. “You’re Miss Bailey Boys aren’t you?” I replied, “yes, you look so familiar too.” She said she used to live on St Simons but had moved away…”both of my children wore Bailey Boys…my son is 16 now.” She continued, “I’ll always remember something you told me outside this very grocery store many years ago.” I thought, oh dear, what did I say…racking my brain to remember. She said, “I was so upset because a mutual friend of ours had just had a baby with downs syndrome.” You said to me, “please don’t be upset. You just won’t believe how much joy that beautiful child will bring to so many people.” Then she said to me…”right after that my sister-in-law had a downs syndrome baby…I remembered what you had told me. I couldn’t wait to relay your comforting words from that day. Somehow I’ll always feel that my words to her from you made such a difference…all because of your caring words from many years ago.”
Sometimes you never know when kind words are going to make a lasting impression.

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