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I’m Better Than Grand!

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During the time that Jim and I owned Bailey Boys, I traveled to Baxley Georgia to our factory every week for 20 years…staying at the Holiday Inn for 10 of those years.  One morning as I sat down in the breakfast area to eat my oatmeal, Ms. Jackie, the precious lady that took care of the area every morning, spoke to someone that had come in and sat down behind me.  She said, “Well good morning Wally and how are you this morning?”  He answered…”I’m better than grand. ”  I stopped chewing and looked over my shoulder to see who had made such a profound statement…it was a young man that I’d never seen before and he had on a sweat soaked orange t-shirt…he was probably in his early 20’s.  He said to Ms. Jackie, “I’ve already cut 2 yards this morning.”  It was about 8:00 on a mid July morning.  Needless to say, I was speechless to say the least…I thought if he was better than grand…then what did that make me?  I had chills…it affected me so, as it still does after over 20 years…I then went out to get in my car where I saw Wally speaking to another young lady that was about to start her shift…when he walked away, I asked her about him…I was still so taken aback by his statement.  She proceeded to tell me that he was telling her about his horrible toothache that he had but had no dental insurance.  I could hardly get in my car to drive away…I realized at that moment how very lucky and blessed I am…it was one of those times that someone unexpectedly has a profound effect on you…and he didn’t even know it.  Many times when someone asks me how I am…I say”I’m better than grand!”  Ninety nine percent of the time, eyebrows are raised and people will say…well what a wonderful thing to say!  It seems to have an effect on other people too…not as much as it did me…but try it sometime and watch people’s reaction…you can even say, “I’m grand!”  That’s not quite as effective though!

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