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Another Rave Review from a Favorite Client!

IMG_1965 Kay Wansley9999

Even though I have been a plus size most of my adulthood, I have never given up on loving style, color, and textures as well as feminine touches; however, these things basically elude me when I attempt to shop as a size 3X!  My sister coaxed me into trying these Diane Bailey Design blouses.  She was so certain I would like the way I felt in them she even purchased one to give me!  I felt totally transformed when I looked in the mirror!  I actually smiled at my reflection.  My daughter in law who is a size 10 and not much into clothes was with me when I tried these blouses on.  She bought two for herself right that minute!  I try to add another one to my wardrobe each month.  The accessories Diane carries takes the look to an even higher level if that is possible!  I feel that for my size I’m the best I can be when I leave home in one of these blouses.  My confidence soars!  Others must agree as I am always flooded with compliments!  By the way they wash beautifully!


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