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Special Life Lesson


We all have had special teachers that we will always hold in high esteem.  One of my favorite teachers and favorite memories is my first home economics teacher…Mrs. Mary Evelyn Cook.  She had a special gift of making you feel as though you could do anything you set your mind to… I look back on that time in my life and I still don’t know how she got the best out of all of her students.  She had the most genteel spirit, sweetest disposition and kind heart and was always able to discipline with a smile on her face and a voice that was as sweet as sugar.  A friend that I grew up across the street from me when I was young, came in my store the other day…she brought Mrs. Cook with her.  I was thrilled!  She’s always sung my praises as I have always sung hers!  My friend Joyce told a story that describes Mrs. Cook’s sweet disposition to a tee!  It seems that in a cooking class, Joyce was assigned to make toast for her group (this was a pretend family and each person was assigned a task to complete a breakfast meal).  Well, Joyce busied herself trying to help another classmate fry the bacon without burning it and she consequently burned the toast… she went to Mrs. Cook and asked for another 4 pieces of bread.  Mrs. Cook asked why she needed 4 more pieces…Joyce meekly said she’d burned the toast.  Mrs. Cook just smiled, tilted her head looked at Joyce and said, “had you not been trying to tend to someone else’s business, you wouldn’t have to come asking for more bread…you’ll just have to figure out what to do with the bread I gave you for your group’s breakfast.”  That was almost 60 years ago!  Joyce told the story as though it happened yesterday…I think she learned a valuable lesson that day about tending to other people’s business since she still remembers it…Mrs. Cook just laughed when she told me that story…it seem that Mrs. Cook didn’t remember it…that’s how Mrs. Cook was…I’d say that was a teachable moment!

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