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What is a Tunic Top?

Ginny Pleated Collar Tunic Top Front Blue Stripe- Diane Bailey Designs-

Tunics are one of the most versatile and functional pieces of clothing in a woman’s closet. The style and ease of a tunic is a classic fashion trend that will always be in style. Tunics were often worn by citizens of many ancient cultures including Greek, Roman and Indian. Because of the ease of making a tunic and the comfort of wearing a tunic, they were everyday garments.

A Tunic Can Be a Fashion Statement

Various versions of the classic tunic can still be found in many countries around the world. While the tunic’s origins were a simple, humble beginning, the tunic has become a fashion statement for both men and women around the world. One thing remains the same when it comes to tunics in today’s fashion. The tunic is versatile and effortless, while still being in vogue.

They represent many styles

The tunic has become increasingly popular and has become a go-to garment for the well put together woman. Tunics are well known pieces in the hippie or bohemian style, but today the tunic represents so many more styles from casual to dressy, modern to chic, to classic and relaxed. Tunics tend to be loose fitting, and fall somewhere between the hip and above the knee. The slip on design adds to the ease and functionality.

Some tunics feature buttons and zippers, but generally a tunic can be pulled easily over the head. Today’s tunic can also be found a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, denim, satin and even knits. Tunics also come in a sweater, which makes them a perfect, cozy winter garment. Some tunics feature pockets for even greater practicality, and small slits on either side for even more comfort and versatility.

Is a Tunic a Dress or a Shirt?

Ginny Pleated Collar Tunic Top Blue Stripe Front- Diane Bailey DesignsIs it a dress or a shirt? The answer is yes to both. Depending on the length of a tunic, it can be worn as a dress, a shirt or a long blouse. Because of a tunic’s long silhouette, it is very figure flattering and slimming. It creates clean, long lines that flatter any woman’s figure, even with pockets. While the functional design of the tunic is all about simplicity and ease, it is also a trendy and classy garment that can be casual or for date night or the office. It is incredibly diverse. The tunic can be worn for so many occasions and in so many ways that it is an exceedingly economical piece to have. One tunic can help create multiple outfits and looks.

How to Style a Tunic Shirt

Tunics are known for being extremely comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories to create the perfect ensemble. A tunic looks best when worn with leggings or with fitted bottoms, or as a dress. Avoid wearing a tunic with flowy skirts, or baggy, flared or bell bottom pants to avoid looking chunky. A tunic is also a great way to create a perfect layered look.

The best way to wear a tunic is to find the right fit to flatter the body shape and size. Add a favorite pair of shoes and the style of tunic can go from day to night. Boots, sandals and sneakers for that casual look or heels for a night on the town. Accessorizing a tunic is simple and easy. Add a belt to help accentuate your curves and show off your figure, and add your favorite jewelry or scarf for a chic, polished look.

A tunic is not just the simple clothing piece of ancient times any longer. It is a timeless fashion icon, adding all-around flair and style for the well-dressed woman of today. It is a practical yet classic addition to any closet. The tunic is a great signature piece for effortless style. No matter the body shape or size, a tunic can be flattering for every woman. Finding a flattering and comfortable tunic should be an essential staple in every woman’s wardrobe

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