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Why You Should Wear 3/4 Length Sleeves

3/4 sleeve blouse

3/4 Length Sleeves are a Great Choice

In a world where fashion is a statement and showcases a woman’s style, the sleeve length of a woman’s shirt matters. The ¾ length sleeve is a fantastic option for not only style, but also a great choice for versatility and comfort. Here is why a ¾ sleeve shirt or blouse is an excellent wardrobe addition for every woman. When a long sleeve is too long, and a short sleeve is too short, a ¾ sleeve is the perfect choice. Comfort and style do not have to be sacrificed with a 3/4 sleeve. In fact, it easily enhances them.

It is not a long sleeve, but it is not a short sleeve either. A ¾ sleeve is any sleeve length that falls below the elbow to just about three to six inches above the wrist. A ¾ sleeve does not touch the wrist or the elbow. Just like the name implies, a ¾ sleeve covers ¾ of the arm. Long sleeves cover the entire arm. A short sleeve leaves most of the arm open and exposed.

A ¾ sleeve covers the upper arm and elbow, and it is less constricting than a long sleeve but provides more coverage than a short sleeve. A ¾ length is just the right in between for every woman. However, a ¾ sleeve should not be confused with an elbow length sleeve, which falls right at the bend of the elbow.

3/4 Sleeve Blouses

The perfect length

A ¾ sleeve top can be worn no matter the time of year or weather. The length provides just enough coverage, not too much, not too little, just right. While long sleeves are generally for colder months, and short sleeves are for warmer months, a ¾ sleeve is great to wear year round. The length is stylish while providing just enough coverage to keep you warm while also leaving open space around your forearm and wrist area, helping you to stay cooler. It’s like a temperature control for the arm

The length of a sleeve can make a dramatic difference in the silhouette of a woman’s body. It can actually change the proportion and look by drawing the eye towards more flattering areas of the body. The ¾ sleeve is ideal for any body shape or size and is the most generally flattering sleeve length for almost every woman.

3/4 Sleeves are Flattering

The eye is naturally drawn to where a sleeve length ends so the end of the sleeve becomes the focal point. A shorter sleeve draws the eye upwards, and a long sleeve draws the attention downward and away from the waist. A ¾ sleeve draws the eye down so that it accentuates the waist, giving a smoother, slimmer waist and an hourglass figure. It is especially flattering to women who are curvier or have wider hips because the sleeves draw attention to the waist and away from the hips.

Short sleeves can make a woman’s body look boxy and chunky by drawing attention to the bicep and triceps area. And yes, even flabby. Arm flab is not flattering for any woman. Concealing the upper arm and drawing the eye down and away from the troublesome area that many women face, the ¾ sleeve creates a slimming arm effect. The forearm and the wrist become the highlight and gives that small glimpse of the alluring, more feminine part of a lady’s arm.

3/4 Length Sleeves are Versatile

The length of the ¾ sleeve is functional, but it is also extremely versatile. The ¾ sleeve is an impeccable length for just about any occasion, day or night. A ¾ sleeve shirt can be dressed up or down. It works well with any neckline but looks the most flattering with a V-neck, sweetheart, or any neckline that is not straight across the upper chest.

Diane Bailey Designs

It also pairs very well with button up shirts or dresses. You can even turn a long sleeve into a ¾ sleeve easily by rolling it up. This is a wonderful option for the cuffed sleeve look. The brilliant thing about ¾ sleeves is they do not restrict the wrist or get in the way of every day activities or a night on the town.

A ¾ sleeve should fit loose on your arm, not tight. A tight sleeve gives an awkward, boxy appearance, creating a block effect. Bell sleeves, cuffed or rolled up sleeves, or a straight hem are perfect for a ¾ sleeve. A ¾ bell sleeve is ideal for shapelier, more voluptuous women because it draws the eye down and away.

A ¾ sleeve top can be paired with just about any size, shape or style of bottoms. Pair a ¾ sleeve top with a pair of shorts for an easy casual look, or with a maxi skirt or dress pants for the perfect work outfit. A wonderful thing about ¾ sleeves is they can easily go from day to night. A ¾ length sleeve is very easy to accessorize. Simply add a choice of favorite bracelets or a great looking watch. The ¾ sleeve length allows them to be showcased and visible.

3/4 Sleeve Shirts Can Be Worn Year-Round

When it comes down to it, ¾ sleeve shirts are comfortable and economical because of their versatility and the ability to wear them year round. Diane Bailey Designs has a wide variety and selection of ¾ sleeve shirts and blouses throughout the year, allowing every woman to create a chic closet full of ensemble options while still being stylish and on trend. Adding a collection of our ¾ sleeve tops is an excellent wardrobe option for the chic, on trend woman.

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