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Women Want Pockets

Zipper back with pockets

Women want pockets! The pocket struggle is real. Women’s clothing is notorious for not having pockets, or even worse, tiny pockets that are just plain silly and unusable. Women want pockets that are practical and functional.

Why does women’s clothing not have pockets? The answer is simple; according to designers, women’s pockets had no place in fashion. Through the years, clothing became more about beauty and less about ease and functionality. Today, the cry for pockets has designers rethinking that opinion. Pockets are the new black, and women are ecstatic about it.

Aerial blouse with pockets

Pockets were deemed practical only for men

Throughout history pockets have widely been considered a masculine feature, and the lack of pockets has been an inconvenience for women. Women’s pockets have long been inferior to men’s pockets. Women carry handbags, so why do they need pockets? Why can’t a woman have the option of both? Women want equal pockets’ rights for female clothing. No longer will the non-existent, tiny and unusable pockets be acceptable in women’s wardrobes.

At the turn of the 20th Century women’s pockets were born, or rather, reborn. Handbags were not a convenient part of women’s rallies. The simple addition of pockets became standard in women’s clothing. If a garment did not have pockets, women would sew their own pockets into the folds. Pockets meant equality and freedom. Pockets gave women an independence to move freely and not be bogged down. This simple element gave women more freedom.

Women’s style dictated no pockets

At some point, designers decided pockets had no place in women’s fashion. Women’s clothing became slimmer and more form fitting. Pockets created a clunky silhouette and a less appealing visual line. Women still wanted pockets, but designers don’t always listen to what real women want. The pocket was considered a non-necessity and sacrificed for closer fitting, body hugging styles.

Style changes constantly, but pockets didn’t seem to follow until recently. Fundamentally, pockets are for practicality and functionality rather than design and style. Pockets were not high priorities for must-haves in women’s fashion. Women remain either pocketless, or stuck with pockets that cannot be used. The handbag industry boomed, but pockets became almost non-existent.

Women want pockets that are functional

Women have been struggling and begging for pockets that are functional and practical, as well as stylish. There is something magical about the power of the pocket. When a woman finds a great piece of clothing, and she discovers it has pockets, it is like the angels begin singing. Why are women so pleasantly surprised when a garment has pockets? There are few things more frustrating than a piece of clothing with pockets that are nonexistent, too small, or the greatest tragedy, the faux pocket.

side pockets

There is also something comforting in a pocket. Hands naturally gravitate to them, creating a secure feeling, but there is also something freeing about pockets Not every woman wants to carry a handbag, and functional pockets mean more space to carry needed essentials. Whether a woman carries a handbag or not, she still wants pockets. The practicality of the pocket goes without saying.

Women’s fashion is starting to catch on

Women have been begging and pleading for pockets in their clothing, and many women were willing to give up stylish pieces of clothing for the addition of pockets. Pockets can and should be functional and stylish. Pockets did not become essential to women’s clothing designers until they became fashion statements.

Now, the addition of pockets to women’s clothing is on the rise. Not only are they a sign of equality, they are quickly becoming stylish. Many design houses have begun adding pockets, not for practicality, but to add interesting details. Designers realized a pocket can be flattering and add flare to a garment. Women’s wear is finally catching up to the pocket trend.

Pocket location matters

pockets There are lots of different options when it comes to pockets. Every woman, no matter her shape or size, can find pockets that flatter her body. Finding the right pocket type and style that celebrates a woman’s body no matter her shape or size is essential. The placement, size and shape of a pocket matters.

When it comes to women’s blouses and tops, the location of a pocket can be a woman’s best friend, depending on which parts of the body she wants to emphasize or hide. Pockets at the hip area of a shirt with a gathered waist work very well. They focus the eye from the waist to the hips to create an hourglass figure. This can also help keep the focus off the chest area. Straight necklines and upper pockets do not typically flatter any body type. Chest pockets with a V-neck or lower neckline help create a longer leaner look for petite women and for women who want to show off or accentuate their breasts.

Skirts and pants pockets

The pockets on pants or skirts can also be a great asset (pun intended). A fuller figure woman should beware of the gaping pocket. When there is an opening on a garment and a stress point, the fabric will naturally flare out, creating a chunky, bulky visual line that adds volume. It gives a woman a wider appearance, and no woman wants that. Choosing back or forward positioned pockets is the way to go for full figures.

A pocket placed at the hip area can create a curvier look for slimmer, straighter body shapes. Petite and pear-shaped women should look for pockets with flaps, rather than slash or diagonal pockets. The flap and the straight design helps create a visual vertical line, which creates a longer silhouette and reduces the hip area.

Choosing flap pockets in the rear gives an extra boost to the flat or saggy butt. Women with fuller bottoms can benefit from pockets with no flap. Opting for pants with larger, plain back pockets that are positioned closer together takes the focus off the butt and slims the rear view. For the woman who was not blessed with as many curves, diagonal pockets is the way to go. The line of the pocket accentuates and draws the eye helping create an hourglass figure.

pants with rear pockets

No matter the size or shape of the rear pockets, hanging below the bottom curve of the rear is a no-no. When the pockets sit higher on the seat it draws the eye upward. Whatever the butt shape Mother Nature gives a woman, pockets are a great option. The right pocket can do wonders for the back side.

Pockets for women should be fashionable and functional

Women should not have to beg for pockets. It does not have to be function over fashion or fashion over function. There can and should be both. A woman’s pocket that is fashionable AND functional is that magical unicorn women search for. Women want pockets. When do they want them? Now! No longer should women’s pockets have to be sacrificed. It can’t be denied; women love pockets!

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