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Special Life Lesson

We all have had special teachers that we will always hold in high esteem.  One of my favorite teachers and favorite memories is my first home economics teacher…Mrs. Mary Evelyn Cook.  She had a special gift of making you feel

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A Message From Special Friends

I adore these Diane Bailey Designs blouses!  They are cut with a flare to them making them look fantastic on petite and plus size ladies.  So much thought has gone into the design.  Every blouse has pockets but they are

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I’m Better Than Grand!

During the time that Jim and I owned Bailey Boys, I traveled to Baxley Georgia to our factory every week for 20 years…staying at the Holiday Inn for 10 of those years.  One morning as I sat down in the

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Diane Bailey Necklace

Why I Always Wear Two Necklaces

When my oldest granddaughter, Liza was about three, one day she asked me, “Kiki, where did you get that pretty necklace?” I told her it was a diamond necklace and that I’d gotten it from Mr. Tom at the jewelry

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A perfect fit for everybody

Perfect Fit for Everybody

When I started Bailey Boys 32 years ago, as a designer, my number one priority was the fit. You can have the most beautiful clothes in the world and if they don’t fit… people won’t buy them. But I soon

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